Current mood: (stressed)

I’m so annoyed right now!!! I just typed a gigantic story and when I finally got to the uploading part it disappeared! I was not logged in anymore or something like that!! Of course the BACK button in my browser didn’t function properly so all my text was gone. Disappeared. Never to be seen again. Let this be a lesson. Select and copy your tekst before you hit “Submit”

So what I was saying.. sigh.. have to type the whole story again.. like I’m not irritated enough as it is.. I am very stressed today. I have to arrange lots of stuff for our appearance at the ICT & Networking Event April 15-17 in the RAI (Amsterdam). There’s a stand of course, something to tell, flyers, gadgets, who will be there and when, how will we get the people to stop at our stand, does everyone have business cards to hand out, what will we present etcetera etcetera. Looks like everything will work out just fine but I won’t believe it until we’re there and everything’s going the way we planned it. It’s fun though

Then at 1.30 I got a call from Stonehouse that my 17″ Powerbook was ready to be picked up. Yay! Unfortunately we ordered two.. one for me and one for Eelco. After a long and painful fight we decided Eelco should get the first one. This means I have to wait a while longer. I hate waiting!!! I’m friggin’ impatient!!

But, this isn’t the worst part. The worst part is that I have to keep on working on this @#$%#*! Toshiba laptop which I bought about 6 months ago. Extremely cool laptop. CompUSA limited edition. Bluetooth, wifi, Harman Kardon speakers, memory card readers, Cpad and lots of other cool features. Which indeed would have been cool.. if they’d worked properly! Won’t bother you with anymore details lol

It’s raining. Wish it was June (Florida here I come! )

So now the good news: I got to make Eelco a happy man
More good news: I’m going to see Aida (the musical) for the.. ehm.. let me think.. 11th time? Give or take a few lol
Even more good news: I’m going to Aida with the ever entertaining CORINNE!

Now I need some good luck so please all keep your fingers crossed that René van Kooten will play Radames!!!
I’ll let you know how it was…

Love, Marloes

By the way, after receiving multiple e-mails by very sad and disappointed people I decided to put my musical pics and reviews back online. Yay! Keep you updated! Of course.

Edited for spelling…