One way ticket

‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh, babe, I hate to go.

Freaking out right now. Seriously. I just booked our tickets to Orlando. Our one-way-tickets. On July 2nd 2014 we’ll be on flight OR 317 to Orlando Sanford with no return date. We’re really doing it. I don’t want the boys to see or feel my fear so I’m gonna have to keep my cool. Breathe in, breathe out. Am I doing the right thing here?? I know there are 1001 reasons to do it but still…

We’re making slow but steady progress in the house. Cleaning, sorting out stuff, throwing and giving away a lot. Next step is putting everything that I’m not taking with me on Marktplaats and selling it. Except for the furniture because the realtor still needs to take pics. And I don’t officially have a realtor yet.

I met with a total of three realtors and leaning towards the last one. She loves the house, the neighborhood, the uniqueness of the place and is also the one willing to put it in the market for a good price. They all had a very different idea on what the house is worth and what we should ask for it. Like really very different. Which shows what a unique object it is. You can’t compare it to any other house around. We’ll have to find a family who will fall in love with the place like we did. Let’s hope for the best!

The international mover made a good offer which we’re going to accept. And at this point we’re thinking of shipping all our stuff to a storage facility in Davenport so it’ll be there when the house is finished and we don’t need to wait for it. They haven’t started building yet though. Still waiting for the permits. I’m hoping they will have started when we’ll be there in two weeks so we’ll see some progress!

Furthermore my head is spinning with ideas for a goodbye party, And giveaways to hand out to all the kids in school and social clubs. I’m working on a new photography website as well. Gotta start somewhere right? And in the meantime I’m getting everything ready for our upcoming trip to Orlando from April 25-May 10. Tickets, rental car, rental home, permission from school and Eelco to take the boys outside the country, packing.. Bought an extra suitcase so we’ll be able to take a lot of clothes and maybe some personal belongings with us this time and leave it with friends until we get there in July. Kyan will also turn 8 on May 9 and we’ll be in Florida celebrating. This “vacation” I’m also applying for a social security number so I’ll be able to work and get insurance, looking for a car to buy, probably scheduling an appointment with Roans cardiologist and some other stuff. Oh and (my friend) Brigit will visit for a week.

So yes, I’ve been busy 🙂

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  1. Wow Marloes you are busy! As we have also made that big step and have moved to Florida, I have an idea what you are going through…. If you need us to keep anything at our house for you until July, just let me know.
    The goodbye’s really suck! Just keep thinking it’s not goodbye, but see you later!;-) xx

  2. 79 days……untill you and the boys leave…..makes me sad, but at the same time happy….excited…..and you know I love to say this in Dutch….Alles komt goed!!!(everything will be okay)
    gonna miss you guys heaps…..but I still have 79 days…….love you!!!


      1. Yeah Yup you will see us and never gone gone!!even if we are oceans apart, you’re all locked in my heart!!

  3. Jeej wat een geregel. En superspannend allemaal. Snap je zorgen of je hier goed aan doet. Maar dat doe je! Het is een groot avontuur en dat kan tegenvallen maar meestal zijn avonturen alleen maar heel spannend en uiteindelijk superleuk! Dus die van jullie ook!

  4. Hi Sweety
    your are doing the right thing although I will miss you like crazy!!
    You’ve been in my life for 32 years. And the next 32 we will see each other in two parts of the world. And otherwise on Skype (when I get my lens fixed;-)
    love you!!!♥♡♥♡

  5. Looks like you’re on track 🙂 Just remember you have friends on the other side of the ocean that have gone through the same, so if you need help/advise/ just a friendly word, we are here for you all! A life-changing decisin is never easy, but we’ll do our best to make you feel welcome!!

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