It’s a go!

“Hooray !! We have a permit. Construction is underway. Footers are scheduled to be dug on Monday.”

I just received word that after about 5 weeks of waiting the developer finally got the permits to start building on our lot. Yay!!! From now on we’ll see progress on a weekly or even a daily basis. Once they go, they go fast! So when we arrive in Davenport next Friday we can actually see them working on our future home. So happy!!!

Here’s a reminder of how our home will look like. Well the idea of what it will look like that is. We made some [a lot of] changes in exterior and interior wall colors, roof tiles, pavers, flooring, stairs etc etc. We even added a bonus room on the second floor so not even the front view is completely the same as in the pictures. But.. this is it!

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